Nail trends of Spring/Summer 2021

Nail trends of Spring/Summer 2021
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1. Colors of the rainbow (and the sky)

We have never wanted so many colors on our nails at once. From subtle lines to full-on clouds and hearts, this trend will brighten up any gloomy day. Can’t decide which color to go for at the salon? Here’s your solution.




2. Small details, big impact

Less is more - these subtle details will make natural nails pop without too much effort, even if you DIY. Minimalistic circles add unexpected details to any nail color and length - they look so chic on both longer and shorter nails.



3. Swirls

Swirls are everywhere this season! Multi-color or neutral, this trend is here to stay.



4. Abstract patterns

Abstract faces and line art are huge in interior design right now - who doesn’t want to wear them on their nails as well?




5. French mani with a twist

As we are turning to fashion trends from the 2000s, french manis are making an appearance again - with a chic new approach. Fun colors and new takes are taking over social media.



6. Nature / fruit / flowers

Nature is an endless source of inspo - even when it comes to nail trends.



7. Pastels

And of course if we have bright rainbow nails we also have a muted version - pastels.

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