Gold Evil Eye Pendant

Gold Evil Eye Pendant

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Introducing our Diamond and Gold Evil Eye Pendant – a symbol rich in cultural significance that transcends fashion and becomes a meaningful part of your story. 

An Evil Eye is more than an accessory; it's a guardian of positivity. As you adorn yourself with this pendant, you carry with you the belief in warding off negativity and inviting good fortune into your life. A timeless talisman, it reflects a commitment to cultivating a space of protection and positivity. 

Jewelry has the power to capture moments in time. Purchasing a piece, like our Gold Evil Eye Pendant, at a specific juncture in your life allows you to embed that moment into the very essence of the jewelry. Each glance at this pendant becomes a reflection of the strength and resilience you've cultivated, symbolizing a protective shield against life's challenges. Let this piece be a marker of your strength, resilience, and the continuous narrative of your life.

Made of solid 14k gold. Finished with alternating circles of black and white enamel.

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