About Us-

Our Ethos


At Goldstories, we believe that fine jewelry is an experience meant to be shared. Our 14K and 18K gold pieces are meant to accentuate your most beloved heirloom jewelry and become treasured items that you’ll love for a lifetime. 


Our Commitment 

The stories of our ancestors are just as important as the stories of those who will come after us. For this reason, we are committed to sourcing our materials responsibly because we believe in accountability to the environment and future generations.


The Designer


Based in San Francisco, Goldstories is the culmination of designer Subikksha Balaje’s lifelong love of fine jewelry that is meant to be appreciated for its details. 


 Subikksha’s obsession with jewelry and its design comes from the women in her life. Her mother is an artist who taught her how to sketch designs and her grandmother collected and wore fine pieces throughout her life. Each of her grandmother’s pieces has a story that she was reminded of whenever her grandmother wore or gifted an item. Now, when Subikksha conceptualizes new collections that are often inspired by her, she shares her sketches with her mother whose eye for detail is remarkable.


Much like her grandmother acquired jewelry on her travels, Subikksha has relied on her exposure to global cultures and traditions to draw her design inspiration. An homage to craftsmanship that is meant to keep human stories alive, her designs are both affordable and beautiful, as well as made with consciously-sourced materials.