The Goldstories Journey

"Every piece of jewelry is a story waiting to be told."

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Inspired by Heritage

Goldstories is more than just jewelry; it's a celebration of the beauty in everyday life. We harness the power of gold to create timeless pieces that honor tradition and legacy. Founded and designed by Subikksha Balaje, whose deep connection to her heritage influences every piece, we offer limited-run collections handcrafted locally in San Francisco. By avoiding mass production, we ensure each piece respects artisans and the environment. Our creations transform simple moments into extraordinary memories, celebrating the timeless beauty of heritage and stories passed down through generations.

Wearable Art

At Goldstories, we believe every piece of jewelry should tell a story. Our designs play with texture, movement, and non-traditional color combinations. Crafted for everyday wear, each creation transforms simple accessories into wearable art. Our limited-run collections disrupt the ordinary with their unique charm, focusing on conscious consumption and affordable luxury. We celebrate the joy of accessorizing, bringing happiness through bold, colorful designs. Our pieces are not just beautiful—they're comfortable and ready to elevate your everyday.

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Future Heirlooms

Your stories deserve to be told for generations to come. We’re committed to responsible sourcing, knowing our craftspeople by name and where they source their materials. By upholding our accountability, we create jewelry that not only makes you feel good wearing it but also brings joy to those you choose to share it with. Inspired by heirlooms, our solid gold items are future treasures, seamlessly integrating with your cherished collection and becoming part of your legacy. We prioritize sustainability by ethically sourcing gemstones and incorporating recycled gold.

Artist Collaborations

Our collaborations with talented artists breathe life into each collection, transforming our jewelry into wearable art that captures the essence of life's simple joys. By working with creatives who share our values of authenticity and craftsmanship, we cultivate a community that honors everyday moments and finds beauty in the ordinary. Our focus on limited runs and artist partnerships ensures that every piece tells a unique story, becoming a cherished heirloom that connects the wearer to a greater narrative of love, heritage, and celebration. Through these partnerships, we create meaningful artifacts that resonate on both emotional and artistic levels.

"There's nothing quite like gold. It's been a symbol of status and wealth for ages, captivating our fascination throughout human history. In my family, gold wasn't just a metal; it was seen as an investment. When times got tough, having gold proved to be practical. I also wanted to break the tradition of keeping these 'investments' locked away for special occasions. I believed in wearing them every day, making them a part of everyday” - Subikksha


    Handcrafted locally in San Francisco, we avoid mass production with limited-run collections.


    Our designs fit every style, day or night, crafted to accessorize your stories.


    Prioritizing sustainability, we ethically source gemstones and incorporate recycled gold into our creations.


    Inspired by heirlooms, each piece we create aspires to be a cherished future treasure,intimately connected to personal stories.

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