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Future Heirlooms

We believe in the power of gold. Enduring, dazzling, irresistible – there’s simply nothing like it.

Our limited-run, solid gold pieces are designed to feel right at home with your most beloved heirloom jewelry and last just as long. Statement-making today, tomorrow, and forever. These are the future heirlooms you’ll love for lifetimes.

Our Commitment to Tomorrow

Your stories deserve to be told for generations to come. For this reason, we’re committed to responsible sourcing. We know our craftspeople by name and where they source their materials. By keeping ourselves accountable, we can create jewelry that you’ll feel good about – and the people you pass it along to will, too. 

Inspired by Heritage 

Born in San Francisco, Goldstories is the culmination of designer Subikksha Balaje’s lifelong love of fine jewelry with a story.

“My obsession with jewelry began with the women in my life. My mother has an eye for design and was always sketching, and I like to think I inherited a bit of her talent. I still show her my designs to this day. My grandmothers were both fine jewelry collectors. They called every new necklace or bracelet they bought ‘savings,’ which I loved. Each piece they owned told a story of a different time and place in their lives. Together, these women inspired me to create what is Goldstories.” 

Subikksha’s exposure to global cultures and traditions is imbued into every new collection. An homage to craftsmanship and heritage, each piece is ready to carry on your story.