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One of the best things about fashion is its ability to turn itself around, bringing old trends back and making them cool again. Case in point: Y2K fashion. As anyone who was around in the era would know, the 90s and early 2000s were a real fashion highlight, with eccentricity at the forefront of most of what was worn. We’re talking bold prints, flared jeans, bangles from your wrist to your elbow, and bold prints. There were jeans worn under dresses, low-rise denim, and who could forget butterflies that adorned everything?!

While it is true that if you keep hold of anything for long enough, it will be back on trend, how do you ensure you re-wear it but keep it relevant? You want to make sure it works as a current trend by adding a contemporary touch. Here, we take a look at Y2K fashion staples and how to keep your throwback fashion on trend! 


The power of accessorizing for the Y2K trend

The late nineties and early 2000s offered an unforgettable era of clothes where many of us revealed the freedom to wear pretty much what we wanted. There were fewer restrictions and judgments and as long as it had some bright colors and a bit of glam here and there, you were onto a winner.

The Y2K trend has grown and evolved in the past couple of years, while core elements have stayed the same, some have changed. It’s a bit less “in your face” as it once was and you don’t need to be as OTT as your 90s self might have done. And that velour, rhinestone-studded tracksuit? That can stay firmly in the back of your wardrobe.

Accessories have always been a big part of the Y2K trend and are a simple way to tap into the aesthetic. Our jewelry pieces are the ideal way to marry together the trend with a contemporary, minimal twist. 


The Y2K Butterfly trend

In the height of the late 90s and early 2000s era, you would be hard pressed to enter a room and not see a butterfly somewhere. Whether it be a butterfly tattoo, belly button charm, or embroidery on a denim jacket, they were everywhere.

As the Y2K trend takes off, you might want to add a little butterfly charm to your outfits, but perhaps not in the same way as back then. Instead of rhinestone gems, temporary tattoos, and large embellishments on your clothes, why not tap into the trend with something a little classier?

Our butterfly earrings are an effortless way to do this. Made from solid gold metal with a beautiful blue stone embellishment, this fine jewelry piece offers the ideal way to appease your inner 90s chick while looking classy and elegant at the same time.


The unforgettable bangles

Who could forget one of the backing tracks to the late 90s era, the sound of bangles jangling each and every way you turned? The common consensus was the more bangles, the better – although they were only to be worn on one arm, don’t forget!

Gold jewelry such as our bangles are a great way to add a bit of boho Y2K chic to your outfit, but they don’t need to be quite so in your face (or ears) as those in the 90s. Instead, we recommend our Eternity Bangles. Lightweight, minimal, and perfectly constructed, it’s designed to be stacked – just as our early 2000s selves would have done it, but better. This fine jewelry is classy, beautiful, and best when worn in pairs of two. It’s a throwback done right!


Big, bold, and floral? – YES PLEASE!

Neutrals and greys aren’t really colors in the Y2K vocab. It’s more a case of the bigger and brighter, the better. But don’t worry, you don’t need to deck yourself from head to toe in multi-colored velour or wear a pair of chunky platform shoes in fluorescent pink to fit in.

While the Y2K trend of the 2020s is more muted than what would once have been worn, there are even more ways to pay homage to the trend while still encapsulating it into your look. Our Jasmine flower earrings are a fine example. Beautifully bold and bright in color, this gold jewelry is the epitome of the Y2K trend. They make a statement and are perfect for adding a touch of flair and personality to your outfit without going too overboard. The jasmine flower shapes are known for their beauty and also for making an eye-catching statement. Wear them to jazz up a daytime ensemble or complement your evening wear.

If you’re longing to travel back in time with classier pieces, Goldstories has just what you’re looking for. Accessories are a vital key to achieving your Y2K fashion lookbook, and these look-a-like gold jewelry pieces can leave you feeling like it’s a 2000s summer all year long while fitting into your elevated aesthetic. For more inspiration and to find more of our fine jewelry and gold jewelry minimal aesthetic products, check out our website here.

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Feel Golden: Our Enchanted Collection is here!