Feel Golden: Our Enchanted Collection is here!

Feel Golden: Our Enchanted Collection is here!
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Feel Golden: Our Enchanted Collection is here!

Inspired uniquely by the elements of nature and the magnificence of time, this collection is meant to be one that everyone will love. The Enchanted Collection, different from our other collections, was designed by the founder of Goldstories, Subikksha, as a mix of uniqueness and nature, speaking to her creativity and imagination.

To personalize and tell the story of The Enchanted Collection, we are taking you on a behind-the-scenes journey of each piece. Get ready to fall in love with this new collection as much as we have. 

The Butterfly Ring

When you think enchanted, the first thing that might come to mind is most likely a butterfly. Butterflies are a sign of beauty and mystery. And because of this, the Butterfly ring was the first piece in this quirky yet beautiful collection. Legends have told us the butterfly is a symbol of good luck in many cultures; therefore, we've made this piece one that is a staple to our Enchanted Collection.

Offering personalization with the center gem and designed with cuts throughout the butterfly's wings, this ring perfectly accents your skin tone and is a perfect addition to your gold jewelry collection. 

The Leaf Bracelet & Earrings

Most people don't think of leaves when thinking of enchanted. Leaves are often overlooked because flowers take precedent. However, many beautiful art pieces are inspired by leaves. Our Leaf Bracelet and Earrings come from a family love of poison ivy, leaves, flowers, and creating a garden. Their beauty and elegance make them a sight to behold, and that is why they made their way into our nature-inspired Enchanted Collection.

The inspiration behind our Leaf Bracelet and Earrings is poison ivy and green leaf creepers because they are something that our designer, Subikksha, and her family have cherished throughout their lives. These golden leaf pieces are stunning and can feature malachite to tie in the green you would expect to see on the leaves that inspired these pieces. 

Jasmine Flower Necklace, Studs, & Earrings

Our designer grew up with jasmine flowers, and she holds them near and dear to her heart. They were a traditional part of her upbringing. Thus, the inspiration behind the three jasmine pieces in our Enchanted Collection. She loves everything about jasmine, from its captivating smell to its beauty. When you think of an enchanted forest, the aroma that comes to mind is likely that of a jasmine flower because they have a strong smell that encompasses their magnificence. Jasmine's are very popular in India and are used for many different things, from being given to you when you visit a temple for prayer to being crafted into hairpieces.

These pieces are customizable and can feature different stones in the center of the jasmine flower. They were designed for the Enchanted Collection because of the story of our designer, and we hope that they can become a beautiful part of your story as well. 

Heart Pendant 

The Heart Pendant is a small piece inspired by many cultures that use the heart as a symbol of love.

Many heart pendants have either one stone or are engraved. The Heart Pendant in the Goldstories Enchanted Collection, however, has a two-toned center to bring uniqueness to the piece.

The center of the piece is customizable with a different combination of gemstones, so you can truly create a piece you love. 


The idea of enchanted intertwines with thoughts of vintage and antique. If you think of a fairytale, there is usually a piece of memorabilia. Our Locket, inspired by Snow White and the stories told growing up, became part of the Enchanted Collection. This piece can hold up to two pictures and is very vintage and simple. The Locket is the piece that completed the fairytale aspect of the Enchanted Collection.

Like all the other pieces in the collection, the locket can be personalized with engraving or left as is to match your style. So whether you want to engrave to make this piece uniquely your own, or you are looking for more of a Bridgerton look, you can't go wrong with this piece.Each piece has its own story and reason for being part of the brand new Enchanted Collection.

We hope you love each piece, and the purpose and meaning can translate to something beautiful in your life.

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