Gold Jewelry Care

Gold Jewelry Care
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Gold never gets old - but maintaining its shine requires proper care. Read on to see the best methods for cleaning gold jewelry and our fav affordable products that will help you keep your jewelry shiny for many more years. 

Quick tips:
1. Take your jewelry off before showering. While water won’t hurt your gold pieces, shampoos, conditioners and body lotion can get stuck in its nooks and crannies.
2. Put your jewelry on last when getting ready - try to avoid getting make-up and perfume on your pieces.
3. Don’t wear your gold jewelry in spas and pools - chlorine can discolor them.
4. Take your jewelry off when cleaning, especially if you use bleach, as it can damage the crystal structure.

How to clean your gold jewelry 

Method 1:
Use jewelry wipes made for gold: our favorite is only $11.89 from Amazon

Method 2:
Step 1. Soak your gold jewelry in a mix of dish soap and water for a few hours.
Step 2. Scrub it gently with a soft brush, e.g. a baby toothbrush.
Step 3. Wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. (Don’t use paper products as they can easily scratch your jewelry.)
Step 4. (Optional)Use a polishing cloth: we love this affordable polishing cloth from Amazon.

Method 3:
Take your gold pieces to a professional cleaning once or twice a year. A yearly inspection can never hurt, as the jeweler will tell you if there are any loose parts that need to be fixed.

How to store your jewelry
The key to storing gold jewelry is separating them from each other to prevent scratches and tangling. The best way is storing your pieces in a pouch or jewelry box. You can use a Goldstories flannel pouch that comes with your order!

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