How to choose your ring size

How to choose your ring size
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Imagine this: 12 tabs open, you’ve been looking for the perfect ring online for hours. You have a few winners, and you’re about to add them to your cart.

Then you see ring sizing. And ring size charts. And diameters. And perimeters.

We’ve all been there - ring sizing is a tricky subject, as all countries have a different approach when it comes to measurements. Good news is - you can find your ring size in a few minutes with the help of a pen, a ruler and a piece of string.

Before measuring your selected finger, make sure that your hands are not too cold and neither hot, because changes in temperature can affect the size of your finger and you might not get accurate results. Also note that there can be differences between your fingers on your dominant and non-dominant hand.

Method 1

Step 1: Cut a piece of string and wrap around your finger as tight as you want your ring
Step 2: Mark the string with the pen where the two ends overlap
Step 3: Lay the string on a flat surface and measure it with the ruler in mms
Step 4: See our chart below to find your size


Method 2

In case you already have a ring that fits your finger perfectly, you can also measure the inner diameter of said ring. See our chart and find your size.

Size chart - diameter

Method 3

Not the DIY type? Invest in a ring sizer - here is our favorite $4 ring sizer from Amazon.  

Et voilà you have your ring size. Still not sure about your size? Contact us and we’ll help you find it.

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