Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide
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It’s that time of year again. As we prepare for the winter season and hot cocoa in our mugs, we also get ready for the biggest giving season of them all. If you’re ready to begin your family heirloom journey or just wish to gift a beautiful gold piece to a special someone, Goldstories Jewelry has the perfect selection of jewelry staples and customizable jewelry pieces for you to choose from. 

In Goldstories's ultimate gift guide, you will learn more about this season's top four gift choices. 

1. Personalization: Initial Stack Rings

Initial stack rings are ring bands you can literally stack with other rings. You can pair one with another stacking ring or a statement ring, such as an engagement ring. Initial stack rings are the way to go if you are searching for a more personalized gift this holiday season!

You can even customize them with gold lettering! This can be done in many ways for many people in your life. You could spell out your special someone's name or put the first letter of each of your first names together, like A&J., or maybe you would like to honor someone of importance.

It can be a little reminder of them every time you look at your ring. Or perhaps you're looking for a cute gift for your friend who's getting married. What would be cuter than a stackable ring with "MRS" or "MR" spelled out? 

As you can see, there are many ways you can make stackable rings personal.  How would you customize your initial stack rings?

2. Simple Yet Staple: Naked Hoops

Looking for a jewelry piece that is more simple but still makes a statement? Look no further! Naked hoops will do just that. Plus, they match anything. Goldstories offers them in gold and sizes XS–L and are the perfect staple piece of jewelry to own. You can use them to spruce up your work outfit, for a classy night out, or even bring the bling to the gym. 

3. Create Your Very Own Customized Goldstories Piece!

Not only can you now create customizable initial stack rings, but you can also customize and create your very own piece of jewelry. If you have had a particular jewelry design in mind but haven’t been able to find it anywhere, now is the perfect time to let your creativity flourish. Turning your idea into your first ever Goldstories jewelry piece could be a wonderful start to telling your story, and soon be passed down as an heirloom. 

What Are Jewelry Heirlooms?

Heirlooms are usually jewelry or an item of great sentiment, and sometimes value, that has been passed down from generation to generation. For example, some women like to use their grandmother’s engagement ring as their engagement ring and continue to pass it down as tradition.

With Goldstories, you can create your first family heirloom and start that tradition yourself. This is a simple and beautiful way to create a unique piece of jewelry for your family. The piece of heirloom jewelry can become a part of your family history and stories and can connect your family with past and future generations.

How To Start Your Heirloom Journey?

  1. You will start with a design consultation — this is an excellent time to have your ideas ready to be shared. Bring pictures, ideas, sketches, and an open mind.
  2. You will receive a computer-aided design sketch — this is a good time to fix anything before building your final custom piece of jewelry
  3. Finally, your custom jewelry will be built — watch your idea come to life!

Whether you want to start your heirloom journey or simply create your customized piece of jewelry, this is the process you will want to begin with!

4. Unsure of What to Gift? Purchase a Goldstories Gift Card!

Last but not least, the Goldstories gift card. A gift card is perfect if you’re a last-minute holiday shopper, you’re not sure what piece of jewelry your special someone would enjoy, or you just want to play it safe. Gift cards start at a minimum of $50 and can be purchased online.

Why Should You Gift Gold Jewelry?

You can never go wrong with gifting jewelry, but why should you gift it? There are many reasons why. Gifting jewelry staples can show your love when words can't. You can also show your appreciation, spoil your special someone, or help start someone's heirloom journey. 

Don't forget that it doesn't matter how big or how much your gift is. What matters is the heart and story behind it.

If you have any questions about any of these holiday gift ideas, you can reach out to Goldstories here. And as we enter the holiday season, we hope our Goldstories’s Holiday Gift Guide has helped you narrow down your options for gift ideas. Begin your story this holiday season with us! 

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